Tips To Change A Flat Tire

You might be planning for a long distant trip with either your loved once or colleagues. It is important to ensure tires in your vehicle can make you travel safely to the destination without experiencing problems on the way. There has been the case where people move with flat tires especially when they are alone since they have no proper tips to change the tires. The following are tips followed to change the tires.

  1. Secure a flat location to do the work- This ensures stability of your vehicle while the process of changing the flat tire ragged ground makes the vehicle unstable hence making it difficult when fixing the problem encountered.
  2. Begin jacking up your vehicle- The process gives a room for someone removes the tire without difficulty from the car after getting off the nuts also in fixing a new tire. One person can do that.
  3. Roll the flat tire off- This can be done when you got the flat tire on the ground.
  4. Ensure the car is parked well, and breaks are on and working well- This will prevent the vehicle from moving during the process of changing the tire since it can even cause an accident. For proper stability put a stone in front of each front and back tire.
  5. Place a jack under your car and jack it up- During the process it should be ensured that the jack is under the section of the vehicle that is held to the whole frame. The part is typically particular it can either beside or underneath with a firm location.
  6. Taking the flat tire off- Before taking it off lug wrench is used to loosen the bolts that can enable someone to unscrew the screws using fingers then taking the tire off. Before taking the tire off the vehicle, should be checked until the tire is about a half inch of the ground then the tire is taken off.
  7. Fixing the spare tire- slide the spare tire into a correct place, lower the jack slowly and then tighten the lug nuts properly. It is hard to tighten the bolts if the spare tire is in the air. One person can do this. If someone is traveling alone, he or she has not to worry when this idea is in the mind.
  8. Place your flat tire in your trunk together with the lug wrench and the jack for future use if need be. Always ensure you have a spare tire whenever you are traveling to avoid problems that might be experienced in the way.

When you are done, you will be right to about your planned activities since the problem will have been solved in the process. You can take the flat tire to a mechanic to fix the problem later in you free time for future use in the when the same problem arise. Having the tips with your there is strong believe that the level of confidence increases when it comes to handling the situation whenever it occurs.