Satellite Map Technology

Today satellite maps have become really common as users of such equipment as smart phones and laptops have access to these. But the people are unaware of the fact that the technology has been developed over the years investing colossal amount of money. Those who are interested in gaining knowledge about the technology that was developed with regard to satellite maps should read what is stated below to get an idea.

Google, Apple and Microsoft get the imagery of the earth through the same company. The data so gathered are used by other companies to feed the software that they themselves create. It is the imagery of the earth that helps you to instantly identify your whereabouts in the world and help you to know how to get to the destination you desire. This indicates that it is the imagery that is of utmost importance in this process.

The satellites that are used in capturing images of the earth are more or less can be termed as gigantic flying cameras that revolve round the earth. These are very advanced but the similarity is not lost in contrast. The satellites are used to take images of specific areas of land or sea all the time. These can be programmed in processing images of any specified area of the earth due to the uniqueness of the satellites.

A barrel structure helps to allow light into the mechanism and it is pointed at the earth. There are a number of mirrors inside the satellite to which the light beam is bounced prior to focusing onto a CCD sensor. This is how the mechanism works.

The images so captured are sent to the private company. It transfers these to other sources. Maps we see on smart phones is one of such sources.

Two wave lengths are used in commercial settings like TV weather channels which are termed as visible wavelength and infrared. In visible satellite images the clouds are indicated in white and land and water are shown via a number of shades of grey and black. Such satellite images resemble black and white photographs.

Energy is indicated in infrared images as heat. Absorption of half of the solar energy by the earth and a smaller fraction by the clouds and atmosphere has made this possible. These help to send out some of the energy that has been absorbed as heat. It is possible for the imagery to be viewed at all times of the day and night due to the usefulness of infrared.