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Aerial Maps Can Be Extremely Useful

Aerial maps are really cool because they can help you see the actual layout around any particular location. It's amazing that satellite images have been able to capture such detailed images all around the globe!

Real estate developers, brokers and agents find these tools extremely useful for business purposes. As you may be aware, location plays an important role in determining the value of a home or business. Whats around a structure is almost more important than the other aspects of the structure. For instance, million dollar homes typically have other million dollar homes around them. If a million dollar home is surrounded by starter homes of a lesser value, it will decrease the value of the million dollar home. The same is true if you think about it in reverse.

The ability that real estate professionals have to see what is around a home or business is crutial for quickly assessing the value. Aerial images on sites like this one or sites like Google Maps, Bing Maps, or MapQuest make it much faster to determine proximity. Otherwise, these folks would have to get in their vehicle and drive to the subject location to get a feel for the neighborhood.

Of coarse there is the other side of the arguement which is centered around fear of privacy violations or fear of too much detail being given to groups who might seek to do harm. While virtually all aerial images are used for legitimate purposes, the small percentage of aerial images which might fall into one of these two categories is often removed from the aerial imagery database.