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The last thing you want to have happen when you leave for a trip is to get stuck in the 5:00 rush hour traffic jam as you are leaving or trying to arrive home. Fortunately, there some great online tools out there which can show you a live traffic map along the route you intend to take. Typically, if you see red or yellow along your route, you should avoid those areas since they typically indicate areas of congestion.

Since accidents and traffic jams can occur at any time, you can't always avoid finding yourself in one. A real time connection which shows you live traffic maps is still about 10 to 15 minutes delayed due to the time it takes for motorists to report a problem and for that communication to make it's way into a database of traffic conditions for display using web information or satellite connections. If you have a navigation unit in your vehicle with a live traffic feed, that is typically going to be the best information to have at your fingertips.

One other low-tech solution for avoiding traffic jams is the use of a CB radio. Even a hand held CB unit or scanner can pick up the chatter among commercial truck drivers. The truck drivers often communicate with one another by CB to assist other drivers on which lanes to be in or which areas to avoid to navigate quickly through traffic jams. If you have the ability to receive these communications and put up with a little foul language, you can benefit from what the trucker at the front of the line has to say.